Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evangelistic Frustrations

I am the pastor of two very small United Methodist churches in Giles County. I work very hard to provide sound pastoral guidance, well thought out and delivered sermons, and to try and build up these fledgling congregations. In the three years I have been serving these churches there has been no professions of faith or adult baptisms. Our numbers continue to dwindle. I am not trying to toot my own horn here, but I think I am a good pastor. I provide an open, welcoming, and loving atmosphere, but no one takes up on the offer. I am not alone the other UM churches in this area are also dwindling in numbers. On the other hand the more conservative baptist, Assembly of God, and non-denominational churches in our area seem to be booming. The AoG pastor is in the newspaper writing articles and has a parking lot full on Sunday morning and evening. I would be willing to bet that you could go to any of these churches and hear the same theology of Jesus or Hell. One of these churches put on a "Judgment House" over Halloween that was a disgusting display of fear based evangelism. Why is it that these churches are booming and we are dwindling? I know that everyone in the community does not buy into the conservative mindset (although I am sure that there are some). What am I doing wrong and they are doing right? I am really frustrated at the whole thing. But I am going to keep on working.

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